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Friday, 30 September 2016

Save Aleppo—How to take action

People around the world are demonstrating for Aleppo, Tweeting for Aleppo, posting on Facebook for Aleppo, or in the case of some politicians ‘expressing deep concern’ for Aleppo.

Worldwide protests for the weekend are listed here:


In London tomorrow Saturday 1 October, protesters are gathering at Marble Arch at 12:30.

If we want action on Aleppo, we need to send a clear message, and just saying ‘Save Aleppo’ is not enough.

So if you are going on a protest, make a sign with a clear demand. Make your own sign so people can see you’ve thought about it.

If you can’t go on a protest, write to your MP. Writing to politicians sometimes feels hopeless, but a letter with a clear demand can count for a lot more than chanting on the street.

You can email your MP here:


You may feel your MP is not sympathetic. You can also write to the Foreign Secretary, the Rt. Hon. Boris Johnson MP, here:


You can write to Prime Minister Theresa May here:


What will you write on your protest sign? What will you say in the letter to your MP, or to the Foreign Secretary or Prime Minister?

Say exactly what you want to happen.

You could call for a No-Bombing Zone:
That means governments forcing an end to bombing by threatening the use of force against Assad’s military if it doesn’t stop. It doesn’t mean risking ground troops or fighting Russia; it means striking back only against Assad’s military, against runways and aircraft on the ground.

You could call for airdrops:
The UN only airdrops aid to Assad regime territory, and the regime won’t give them permission to airdrop aid to other areas. The UK, France, or US could do this. Call on the RAF to drop aid to people in Aleppo and other besieged areas.

You could call for aircraft tracking:
Use radar to track the aircraft bombing civilians, and name those responsible for each hospital bombing and each war crime. UK RAF and Royal Navy radar could do this. The US already tracks aircraft but keeps the data secret. Call on the UK to track aircraft and name and shame war criminals.

You could call for sanctions against Putin’s Russia:
Putin is bombing hospitals and schools. Putin’s bombs have killed more Syrian civilians than ISIS. Russian bombs are driving refugees out of Syria. So call for new sanctions. Call for Russia to be shut out of the SWIFT international bank payments system. The UK can do this with the EU.

You could call for sanctions against Iran:
The Guardian reports that Iran has massed 5,000 sectarian foreign militia fighters in Aleppo. Iran uses its airline companies Iran Air and Mahan Air to transport fighters to Syria. The UK and EU should block these airlines from using UK and EU airports.

For a more detailed look at these policy demands, please read our briefing, Aleppo Bombing: How to respond



  1. It is great shame for the world community to all these butchers Assad & putin to continue their geonocide against syrian peoples/just to hold power and to have ports and sunni cities under their control /they want the land only/no matter how many thousand women & children being killed by their banned weapons/shame to UN and shame to OIC // outraged indian muslim

  2. Either you are all moronic beyond redemption or you are part and parcel of the depraved axis of evil attacking Syria with proxy terrorists and mass-murdering over half a million and destroying the entire country for the Zionist mass-murderers in the illegal squatter colony on Palestinian Land!

    The same what this satanical mob did to Libya massacring 600,000 to prevent Gaddafi from implementing a Gold backed Dinar, the same terrosits in 10 Downing Street, in DC in Tel Aviv are carrying out another heinous Crime against Humanity in Syria for the same depraved evil mob of Vultures and Mass-Murderers.

    If you believe a single word coming out of any government involved and their bullhorn the Zionist MSM, you’re a moron and YOU are the PROBLEM, since MORONS like you give the Mass-murderers in 10 Downing Street, DC, Tel Aviv, Ankara, Riyadh, Qatar, Paris and Berlin some delusional ‘legitimacy’ since the MORON PUPPETS go along with the Mass-Murder in yet another country for the Oligarchy from the City, WS, Tel Aviv and Riyadh.
    The ‘progressive left’ is the most moronic mob to ever disgrace this planet; get some real information like Google the following:
    Vanessa Beeley, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Eva Bartlett, Scott Bennett, Scott Rickard, Ron Paul Institute for Peace, and many more who have a billion times more credibility than the entire Zionazi MSM and every government put together.

    They will tell you that the War on Syria is a Crime against Peace under the Nuremberg Principles and that the likes of Obama, Cameron, Browne, Hollande, Salman, Erdogan, Netanyahu, Merkel, Power, Kerry et al are all guilty of the most heinous Crimes and should face the gallows.
    Bashar al-Assad is fighting Obama’s and Cameron’s beheading, raping, crucifying, Mass-murdering proxy Terrorist scum who are formed, paid, trained, armed and COMMANDEERED by the US, UK, Israhell, Turkey, KSA et al.
    So who are the REAL Terrorists and who are the real enablers and morons?
    YOU and YOUR criminal Governments in London, DC, Ankara, Riyadh, Tel Aviv, Qatar, Berlin and Paris!
    Shame on YOU!

    1. I wonder if this is a piss take? It certanly rolls all the deranged assertions of the pro-Assad silo into one post. Quite useful in that respect. Almost entirely devoid of facts - and the one it does provide is bizarre - 600,000 dead in Libya - that's 20 times what the Gadaffi regime itself claimed. Proof, if one were needed, that supporting genocidal dictators is bad for the brain (and even worse for the soul!)

    2. Blimey - someone got out of bed the wrong side this morning.

  3. It's Usa and Uk's Fault.They created such terroristic structures as Isis and Nusra,who kill syrian people.The war in Syria was before Russian intervention.And when mass-media blame Russian Air-Forces,they do it without serious proofs,and so-called syrian opposition is group of terrorists and many of them are former members of Al-Qaeda and Taliban.

    1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-37561755

    2. Proof how the MSM has created a moronic populace bereft of even the basics of understanding how the world really works.
      Alex Wings don't waste your time with kooks who support the very mob who will destroy them and lead them to the slaughter; such is the insanity of these kooks that they defend their own oppressors, exploiters and executioners.
      Is it the Stockholm syndrome or just plain stupidity?


  4. Whoever set this up and whoever believes the miss information being put out on here and other controlled and bias mainstream media are clearly getting paid by number 10 downing street.
    Why aren’t you worried about the civilians getting killed in the whole of syria?? by the terrorists (oh I mean the 'rebels' because they are not cutting heads off or hearts out...oh yeah check it out) or by the syrian government?? If you were truly worried for civilians you would be putting effort into deescalating the conflict and calling on all sides to save civilian lives.
    Whilst there is plenty of news both in the mainstream and non mainstream media of UK 'support' for terrorists('rebels'), I’m wondering why you’re not asking for the UK government to stop funding and prolonging this war? Because I’m guessing if you stop funding to terrorists then there are no terrorist to attack and thus civilian lives are saved..

    Question are the Taliban rebels or terrorists? The UK and US having been bombing Afghanistan for over a decade how many civilian lives are continuing to die there?? So should other countries fund the Taliban and dress some of them up like we (UK) have done with the ‘white helmets’ terrorists (‘rebels’) in syria??

    If we had rebels ('terrorist') over here would you be supporting them? As there is plenty happening here in the UK to our freedoms to rise up against...
    Think, dont follow these lemmings and government disinformation.
    I would support a no fly zone for ALL countries particularly for the countries that are actually funding the terrorists ('rebels').
    If you sow a seed of a weed there eventually that weed will spread and make its way over here.

  5. As an American who works with refugees, I am left thinking where the information is coming from that says the US and the U.K. are to blame for the actions of ISIS? From my understanding ISIS is hurting those who are not Muslim or who do not believe in the same fallicies of Muslim faith that all should be killed who do not follow the phenomena of killing all those who are infidials... sounds to me that this is a repeat of what the Nazis did to the Jewish believers. I'm not certain what to say but that God is a loving God. Children and their family's should not be killed due to the selfish actions of a political regime!! Throughout history are the wars of religion so why continue? The children are the purest of minds are are brainwashed into believing this type of terror and hate is an answer to Gods wishes, or better yet to the philosophical writings of Prophet Muhammad that have only become the interpretations of a phenomena gone wrong. I worry for the children and their families are pray for a peaceful resolution...