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Syrian Revolution Resource page

The Syrian revolution has generated an immense amount of written coverage, analysis and culture. It can be hard to separate truth from propaganda given the competing world powers, complex situation and vicious regime waging war against the Syrian people. This resource page is intended to gather trusted and reliable sources which report truthfully and accurately about events on the ground in Syria in English. The page contains news sites, analysis, cultural archives and links to a number of the best short films and documentaries produced about the Syrian revolt.

News and information
  • EA Worldview

    A news and analysis website, with a focus on the Syrian conflict and the wider Middle East. Edited by Scott Lucas, Professor of International Politics at the University of Birmingham.

  • Syria Deeply

    An independent ditigal media site provided news and analysis on the Syrian revolt.

  • Syria Direct

    Syria Direct a non-profit journalism organization that produces timely, credible coverage of Syria. Founded in 2013, Syria Direct publishes original news reports, interviews ,and newsworthy photographs and videos from inside Syria along with a daily newsletter.

  • ANA Press

    ANA PRESS is a news organisation that is open source on providing various forms of news reporting and solutions in media repressed areas. Provides on the ground reporting inside Syria.

Syrian Civil Society and campaigns
  • The Syrian Campaign

    A global advocacy group standing in solidarity with non-violent Syrians and their struggle for a peaceful and dignified future.
    “We take action targeting people around the world whose decisions can make a difference. We support leaders who champion the needs of the Syrian people, and pressure those who fail to act. We’ve protested outside company offices, petitioned political leaders and helped get non-violent Syrians heard at the highest levels.”

  • The White Helmets

    Syria Civil Defence are the volunteer rescue workers who provide services and rescue people from the rubble of air strikes and barrel bombs. The White Helmets is an international campaign to support their work in Syria.

  • Planet Syria
    A joint campaign by Syrian non-violent civil society organisations.

  • Kesh Malek - Checkmate

    Kesh Malek is a Syrian revolutionary civil society organization that was founded in late 2011. Most of its field activities are concentrated in the province of Aleppo, Syria. It is an independent and non-profit organization. The group believes that the Syrian revolution is the way to achieve democratic changes in Syria and to pass from an authoritarian rule to a pluralistic democratic state, which respects Human Rights and is free from all forms of tyranny and dictatorship.

  • Dawlaty

    Dawlaty is a Syrian organization committed to democracy, human rights, non-violent activism and gender equality. We produce print and audiovisual materials on these topics, hold trainings and conferences.

  • Bidayyat

    Bidayyat for Audiovisual Arts is a Syrian non-profit organization, launched in early 2013, to support and produce Syrian documentaries and short and experimental films, and to organize specialized training courses on documentary filmmaking.

Human Rights Documentation
  • Violations Documentation Centre

    Violation Documentation Center in Syria is an independent, civil non-profit, non-governmental organization that started its work of monitoring and documenting the violations of human rights in Syria since April 2011.

    VDC monitors and documents crimes and violations against human rights in Syria, and attempts at the same time to protect and enhance these rights in the culture of Syrians. The VDC periodically publishes statistics on the database it has in the form of weekly, monthly and yearly reports in the form of percentages and illustrations, in addition to the release of dozens of human rights reports on different topics and violations in Syria

  • Syrian Network for Human Rights

    The Syrian Network for Human Rights is an independent human rights organisation that investigates and documents all violations committed by all parties involved in the Syrian conflict since 2011. It publishes regular reports and infographics on its website and facebook page.

Analysis and Advocacy
  • Razan Ghazzawi

    Razan Ghazzawi is a Syrian writer and activist who has participated in the revolution and written extensively about the struggle.

  • Tahrir – International Collective Network

    A blog run by anti-authoritarian activists in the Middle East. Formed following the outbreak of the Arab Spring to provide a platform for libertarian and anti-authoritarian activists in the region. Extensive writings on Syria.

  • Leila Al-Shami

    A blog on popular struggles, human rights and social justice from an anti-authoritarian  perspective by a British-Syrian activist.

  • Yassin al-Haj Saleh

    Saleh is a Syrian activist and Marxist, originally from Tal Abyad, in Raqqa province. Saleh spent 16 years locked up for anti-regime activism. Following the outbreak of the revolution he was part of the underground in Damascus before moving to Raqqa following its liberation. When ISIS grew in strength he was forced into exile in Turkey. Saleh has written extensively about the history, culture and politics of Syria.

    Help Syria now. Tomorrow it may be too late – Guardian article, published 2013

    Forty Four months and Forty Four Years – A series of essays on Syria and the revolution

    1 – Two Blindfolds

    2 – Wars against the People

    3 – Islamic Resistance, Resisting Islamists

    4 – Palestinization of Syrians and the present world condition

    5 – Confiscation: a class portrait

    6 – Samira, Razan,Wael, Nazem, and the other absolute others

    Syria and the Left: New Politics interview with Yassin al-Haj Saleh

    Ogres and Orientalism: An interview with Yassin al-Haj Saleh

  • Pulse Media

    A collaborative political weblog featuring work by a variety of writers, activists and academics based in five continents. It is edited by Muhammad Idrees Ahmad, Robin Yassin-Kassab and Danny Postel.

  • Syria Freedom Forever

    This is the blog of Joseph Daher, a Syrian and member of the Revolutionary Left Current.

  • Syrian Revolution Commentary and Analysis

  • Michael Karadjis is a member of the Socialist Alliance in Australia and an academic and a deeply informed commentator on events taking place in Syria. His blog contains dozens of well researched articles and analysis of events in Syria.

  • Peter Clifford Online

    Regular news and analysis on events in Iraq and Syria by Peter Clifford.

  • Kyle Orton – The Syrian Intifada

    News and analysis from Kyle Orton, Middle East analyst, with a special focus on Syria, Iraq, and Iran. An Associate Fellow with the Henry Jackson Society, a foreign policy and security think tank, and a contributing editor at Left Foot Forward.

  • Marcell Shehwaro

    Marcell Shehwaro is an activist from Aleppo who has written widely about the situation in Syria. She is part of the Kesh Malek, a group of activists and human rights defenders that –despite the war- keep on protesting and demonstrating against the Assad-regime and which main goal is to warrant freedoms – of press, of education, of justice – for example by providing people with revealing news and supporting projects with a similar goal.

  • Jaddaliya Syria page

    Jadaliyya is an independent ezine produced by ASI (Arab Studies Institute), the umbrella organization that produces Arab Studies Journal, Tadween Publishing, FAMA, and Quilting Point.
    Jadaliyya is run and produced on a primarily voluntary basis by an editorial team and expanding pool of contributors committed to discussing the Arab world on its own terms. Where others see only a security threat, conflict, or data on a graph, we see a region inhabited by living communities and dynamic societies.

  • Maysaloon

    Blog of a Syrian activist

  • News of the Revolution in Syria

    Blog covering events in Syria maintained by Dick Gregory. Contains regular updates and commentary.

  • We Write What We Like

    News and analysis on events in Syria in English and Italian. Regular translation of Arabic language pieces unavailable elsewhere on English language media.

Cultural Resources