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Photo: Children in Aleppo set tyres on fire to try and prevent air attacks. More from BBC News and The Telegraph.

Join the call to protect civilians

A YouGov poll in the UK has found that 64% of people in the UK support a No-Fly Zone to protect Aleppo’s civilians. France and Germany have similar solid majorities in favour of taking action to protect civilians in Syria.

But there continues to be a deal of confusion in media reports around the meaning of the terms no-fly zone, no-bomb zone, and safe area. Government responses have at times conflated the three, failing to properly address the more low risk options.

The following briefing sets out in simple terms what various options entail and explains why a no bomb zone is our preferred option.

How can a no-fly zone work? Web version.

How can a no-fly zone work? PDF version.

Single sheet PDF guide to a no bomb zone option.

Putin’s bombs are driving refugees out of Syria
Shut Russia out of SWIFT to stop the bombing

As the Russian airforce escalates bombing of Aleppo and other Syrian towns and cities, and as a record number of hospitals are targeted by airstrikes, Syrian organisations in the UK are calling for economic sanctions to pressure Putin to stop his attacks. Their joint statement:
Putin’s bombers have dropped cluster bombs and firebombs across northern Syria.

Putin and Assad have bombed every hospital they could find.

Now Putin’s siege of Aleppo aims to drive 300,000 refugees out of the city and out of Syria. His plan is to make the refugee crisis even worse.

It is time for the UK and Europe to say enough. Make Putin pay for every day he bombs Syrian towns and cities.

UK: join with EU allies to shut Russia out of the SWIFT* bank payment system NOW.

Putin has already brought war to Ukraine, threatening eastern Europe. Now he is worsening the war on NATO’s southern border.

Letting Putin get away with mass murder will cost the UK and Europe much more than the loss of business from shutting Russia out of SWIFT.

And it will cost all of us our humanity if we stand by and do nothing.

Please give your support by writing to your MP and to your MEPs. Call on them to shut Russia out of the SWIFT international bank payment system. You can email your MP and MEPs here.

* SWIFT is the Belgium-based Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication system. SWIFT has to comply with EU decisions because the organisation is incorporated under Belgian law. Read more here.

Break the sieges – Airdrops now

The UK Government, along with other members of the International Syria Support Group, has told the World Food Programme to begin air drops wherever they are needed from 1st June—but the World Food Programme says it will only deliver if the Assad regime gives permission.

The RAF has the resources needed to deliver aid if the World Food Programme won’t.

If you live in the UK, this app can help you write to your MP asking them to support humanitarian air drops.

We have also designed a postcard to send to MPs. All you need to do is fill in your name and address, the name of your MP, and then sign and send.

Here’s a PDF to print the postcard.

And here’s a PDF to print two at a time on an A4 sheet of card.