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Together for Syria

Above: BBC Radio 4’s The World This Weekend report on our Together For Syria event. Broadcast 6 December 2015.

Together for Syria coordinates advocacy by several Syrian community groups across the UK. Read more on the togetherforsyria.org.uk website.

In December 2015, Together For Syria gathered activists from several groups across the UK for an event in London. Barton Creeth has written an account for the Slugger O’Toole blog:
In the Khalili Lecture Theater at SOAS, the Syrians on the panel, representing different pro-Syrian organisations based in the UK, spoke repeatedly on the theme of getting Syrian voices heard. For Syrians, it’s a great frustration that both the left and the right of the British political spectrum seem intent on rehabilitating the Assad regime—which is, according to the voices in the room, the root of the Syrian crisis, and the main cause of the rise of ISIS.

Read the rest: Syria Still Dreams of Freedom.

Facebook event page.

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Syrian activists share their thoughts on the ongoing Syrian conflict, the impact of Russia’s intervention, the significance of UK airstrikes, and what can and should be done to help the people of Syria secure the peace, justice, and freedom they have struggled for.

  • Yasmine Nahlawi, Rethink Rebuild
  • Amer Nasri, Scotland 4 Syria
  • Nizar Hammodeh, Syrian British Medical Society
  • Haid Haid, Planet Syria
  • Razan Al-Akraa, National Refugees Welcome Board