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Tuesday 12 May 2015

The Syrian Freedom Charter

On Tuesday 19th May, Rafif Jouejati of FREE-Syria will be in London talking about the Freedom Charter.

Here’s an introduction to the Freedom Charter from FREE-Syria:
Our project, the Freedom Charter, is envisioned as a national unity document that is based on the input of tens of thousands of Syrians inside Syria. For more than 3 years, Syrians have taken to the streets in both nonviolent and armed resistance to state what they do NOT want. However, the Syrian opposition has largely failed to articulate its goals. When asking Syrians what they mean by the revolution’s slogan of “freedom, dignity, and democracy,” one often receives multiple answers.

In addition, silent Syrians known as “fence-sitters” have yet to weigh in on their vision of Syria. Given the pace and evolving nature of the Syrian revolution, we assume that the collapse of the Assad regime is inevitable; however, the “fence-sitters” must be allowed to voice their concerns and state their desires for a future Syria. The Freedom Charter project offered Syrians of all social, economic, political, religious, and ethnic backgrounds an opportunity to state their opinions on what they want.

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Update: Brian Slocock’s account of the London event is here.