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Tuesday 29 March 2016

Women in Black vigil in solidarity with Syrian women

Women in Black are holding a vigil in solidarity with Syrian women on Wednesday 30th March, 6pm at the Edith Cavell Memorial, London.

Facebook event page here.

Women In Black’s leaflet for the event calls attention to the Badael Foundation’s work with women activists inside Syria.

Women In Black are asking people to support their call for the UK Government to insist on the full inclusion of Syrian women in negotiations and subsequent constitution building; to give generous funding support to Syrian women’s organisations working for reconciliation and peace; and to insist that the sieges are relieved—15 areas are still under starvation sieges. Drop food not bombs on the besieged areas.

This is part of the #Women4Syria round of The Syrian Calendar. Below are short videos of some earlier events from the #Women4Syria round.

London Palestine Action in Solidarity with #Women4Syria are asking for Safe Passage

Video by Dasa Raimanova.

From the London Palestine Action statement:
A refugee is not an identity, but an experience. Everybody has their own story, their own history and dreams. With this gathering asking for #SAFEPASSAGE we want to recognise refugees with the dignity they deserve and highlight that the deaths of refugees crossing into Europe are a consequence of European colonialism and militarism.

Now that British ships are in the Aegean Sea to turn back more people who are trying to cross, the sea can only become more dangerous for those forced to flee.

For Palestinians struggling for liberation from occupation and apartheid; for Syrians struggling for liberation from dictatorship and repression; for all those looking for safety and an end to state violence, let us be clear: European border control is racist and it kills.

Syrian Women Rising: ‪#‎Women4Syria‬
A planting action celebrating and commemorating Syrian women, organized by London Palestine Action as part of #Women4Syria.

All over London we planted saplings, trees and edible plants in public spaces to honour the lives of millions of Syrian women enduring siege, war, exile, disposession and imprisonment, as well as those who have passed away.

We remembered women that we know, women that we don’t know, and women that we will come to know a little about.

The reason we are using edible plants is to remind people in the UK of the 1 million people across 46 communities in Syria who are besieged and struggling to eat.

We reject the weaponisation of food in conflict and we assert that land and food sovereignty are key to the dignity and self-determination of all people.