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Tuesday 7 February 2023

Syria earthquake — how to help

What can we do?
Support frontline humanitarian and medical organisations working on the ground:

Recommendations via SBC.

What can the UK Government do?
While the UK Government has promised an uplift in aid to Syria Civil Defence — the White Helmets — it is clear that much more will be required.

Close to three million displaced Syrians who fled the Assad regime now live in northwest Syria, one of the regions hardest hit by the earthquake. The UK Government and its allies need to help end the isolation of displaced Syrians along Syria’s borders.

Many Syrians resettled in the UK have close family members still trapped in Syria, parents, siblings, separated for years. Many will have lost friends and family in the earthquake. The UK Government must now show compassion and ease conditions for family reunion.

Supporters of the Assad regime are using the crisis to call for an end to sanctions. Targeted sanctions against the Syrian regime are directed against individuals responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity, torture and mass-murder of civilians. This crisis must not be a route to impunity.

The ONE THING that Putin and Assad do not want!
The one thing the Assad regime doesn’t want is the one thing that is most needed.

For years, the Russian government, allied to Assad, has used its veto at the UN Security Council to restrict the flow of aid to the displaced millions in northwest Syria.

Restrictions on cross-border UN aid must end NOW, to respond to the acute crisis of the earthquake, and to alleviate the chronic suffering caused by Assad’s war on civilians.