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Thursday 30 April 2015

Let’s talk about... Syria

Call from Syria. Outside the BBC, London, 26 April 2015.

In this UK election, let’s talk about housing.

Let’s talk about the houses destroyed by Assad’s barrel bombs. Let’s talk about neighbourhoods destroyed, about cities under siege.

In this UK election, let’s talk about healthcare.

Let’s talk about hospitals bombed by Assad’s air force. Let’s talk about health workers targeted and killed.

In this UK election, let’s talk about education. Let’s talk about attacks on schools. Let’s talk about children who have seen their classmates, their teachers, ripped to pieces by Assad’s bombs.

In this UK election, let’s talk about emergency services.

Let’s talk about refugees drowning. Yes, this at least we’ve started to talk about. But instead of blaming people smugglers, a symptom not a cause, let’s talk about what it is these people are fleeing.

Over a third of the people fleeing across the Mediterranean are Syrians. They are—most of them— fleeing Assad’s violence. The Assad regime is responsible for over 95% of civilians killed.

Syrian civilians are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

People say, what about ISIS? People say, better the devil you know. But in this case, the devil you know raised the devil you don’t know. Assad has supported ISIS financially. Assad has supported ISIS militarily. Assad has raised and fed ISIS. To get rid of ISIS, stop Assad.

Stop Assad killing civilians. Stop Assad spreading chaos.

Protect civilians. No-Fly Zone for Syria.


A Manifesto for Syria.

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