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Tuesday 29 September 2015

Another refusal for Raja

Petition update from friends of Raja and Mahmoud

Leeds, United Kingdom, 29 Sep 2015 — There’s news on Raja’s asylum case and unfortunately it’s not good. As you know, she requested permission for a Judicial Review of her case and just before the hearing for whether she could have a JR or not, the Home Office got in touch with her solicitor and said that if Raja withdrew the request for Judicial Review, they would review their decision to refuse her case. Which sounded hopeful.

However now the Home Office have come back with another refusal of the case which is obviously a big blow.

It’s not entirely bad news though because they have treated it as a fresh claim which means that Raja now has the right of appeal, and her solicitor is currently lodging the appeal grounds so all being well we will proceed to an appeal hearing.

Please continue to hold Raja and Mahmoud in your thoughts / prayers / vibes / whatever you do, and do keep in touch as we are far from out of the woods and you never know when we will need to call urgently on supporters. You have no idea how much it helps knowing that there are so many people out there who care and are prepared to do something if the need arises.

With huge thanks for your continued interest and support.

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