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Monday 28 September 2015

#ListenToSyrians at the Labour Conference

Labour conference goers can meet Syrian activists from the Planet Syria campaign, and from Rethink Rebuild Society, voice of the Syrian community in Manchester. Visit United For Syria: Stand No. 28 on the Conference room ground floor.

Read about Planet Syria’s visit to the House of Commons earlier this month.

Read Rethink Rebuild’s policy proposals in Syria: Between Dictatorship and ISIS, What can the United Kingdom do?

Syria Solidarity UK spent time on Sunday leafleting Brighton conference goers outside Stop The War’s fringe event, titled ‘Don’t Bomb Syria’ — a fine sentiment if only they would address the party that has been bombing Syria these past four years: the Assad regime.

Reportedly the Stop The War event was poorly attended, with some speakers leaving early. As usual there were no Syrians on the panel, and little appetite for debate amongst the audience. Outside, Syria Solidarity got a warm reception from many conference visitors happy to take leaflets, and a number interested to meet and talk to Syrians.