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Monday 29 February 2016

Launch: The Syrian Calendar

Since 2011, the Syrian people in the pursuit of freedom used their creativity to keep the fight for liberation alive. Today we take their lead and their inspiration, to reclaim their voice and narrative. We will use the ideas, initiatives and actions of the brave Syrian people to stand in solidarity with them. The Syrian Calendar is a solidarity platform that was created from that inspiration. It aims to unite the efforts of all the action groups in the UK working in solidarity with the Syrian people.

The Syrian Calendar on Facebook.

Each calendar round has a theme, the first round is going to be ‪#‎Women4Syria,‬ a month-long series of actions in solidarity with Syrian women.

The Syrian Calendar Round 1: ‪#‎Women4Syria‬
Solidarity with the brave Syrian women

Since 2011, Syrian women have been on the front line of the quest for freedom. In their journey for liberation, Syrian women managed to break a long history of silence and marginalization. They took to the streets as they saw their liberation through the freedom of their nation and people. They broke social structures and defied a dictatorship that has constitutionally placed women as inferior. Syrian women led demonstrations, worked in field hospitals, smuggled aid to besieged areas, and documented the destruction of their cities.

Syrian women paid a heavy price for their defiance as they faced detention, torture, hunger, displacement, rape and execution. March 2016 marks two important events, the anniversary of the Syrian revolution and International Women’s Day. We take this opportunity to stand in solidarity with Syrian women. We want to celebrate their courage and achievements.

Shedding light on the brave Syrian women tells one part of the Syrian tale. As thousands of civilians are facing the Assad’s killing machine, we stand in solidarity with them and the right for a free democratic Syria.

Some of the events taking place as part of the #Women4Syria calendar round:

Saturday 5th March
  • Dabke in solidarity with Syrian Women
    Joining the Million Women Rise march, starting 1pm from Oxford Street, London, and performing at the rally at Trafalgar Square, 3pm.
    Facebook event page.

Monday 7th March

Wednesday 9th March
  • Women in Black vigil for Syrian women
    6pm-7pm at the Edith Cavell Memorial, St Martin’s Place, London.
    Facebook event page.

Sunday 13 March
  • Syrian Women Rising: A Solidarity Action
    A planting action celebrating and commemorating Syrian women, by London Palestine Action.
    3pm, Trafalgar Square, London.
    Facebook event page.

More events being announced imminently—follow The Syrian Calendar on Facebook for updates.