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Thursday 23 June 2016

The line between life and death is a VISA

By Raed Fares, via Facebook

If you were a journalist sharing the reality of what’s going on in Syria, and you are on the front lines of death, the regime might try to bomb you, people might try to assassinate you, in order to silence and kill the truth. This makes sense to us. The criminal wants to kill those who share the crime to the world.

But what we can’t understand is how countries considering themselves friends, which support freedom of press and democracy, stand in the way of someone and his life, letting him die, because of a visa. Khaled al-Essa is in need of a visa to Germany.

Khaled al-Essa, a Syrian journalist who was sharing the reality from inside Aleppo, showing the crimes of Assad and ISIS, in the end when they assassinate him for showing the truth, the countries that claim to be friends of the Syrian people refuses to transfer the voices of truth for medical treatment, all because of a visa.

Background: Syrian journalists in critical condition after bombing, The New Arab, 17 June 2016.

Update: Khaled al-Essa has died. Author Robin Yassin-Kassab writes:
The wonderful young revolutionary journalist Khaled al-Eissa is dead of his wounds. The very best are being murdered. The very worst grow in power.

Report: Syrian journalist Khaled al-Essa dies after bomb attack

Photo by the journalist Khaled al-Essa: Emergency workers after an airstrike hit a civilian neighbourhood in eastern Aleppo, wounding three, from the Observer, 31 April 2016.