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Wednesday 8 June 2016

UK Policy on Syria and Syrians: House of Lords 14th June

UK Policy on Syria and Syrians: An Expert Briefing

6-7pm on Tuesday 14th June, House of Lords Committee Room 3A

Organised by Liberal Democrats for Syrian Freedom, Peace and Reconstruction.

With speakers from Rethink Rebuild Society and Syria Solidarity UK, on practical steps for improving the lives of Syrian refugees, protecting civilians inside Syria bringing closer an end to the war.

At the party’s Spring Conference in York, the Liberal Democrats passed a positive and wide-ranging policy motion addressing the main issues facing Syria and Syrians and the UK and Europe’s response to the crisis. The Liberal Democrats for Syrian Freedom, Peace and Reconstruction are pleased to host an expert panel briefing and discussion on events in Syrian since Russian and UK military intervention:

 • What is the state of the civilian opposition to Assad, ISIS/Daesh and other extremist groups?

 • What factors are causing the breakdown of the Cessation of Hostilities?

 • What role can and should Syrian civil society organisations play in reconstruction efforts?

 • Why are extremist groups inside Syria so resilient?

 • What factors are shaping the movement and actions of refugees?

 • What simple things can the UK do to ease the plight of refugees in our country?

Hosted by Baroness Sally Hamwee, chaired by Jonathan Brown.

For further information and to confirm your place please RSVP to LD4FreeSyria@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/266965553654422/