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Monday 25 July 2016

In a single day, six medical centers targeted by Russian and Assad regime planes

Via Rethink Rebuild Society, here is a press release from the Ministry of Health of Free Aleppo on the bombing of six hospitals this weekend. Translation below.

On the situation, Abdulkafi Alhamdo, English professor at Aleppo University and at the Institute of Language Studies, says:
‘Death made by the hands of Assad is chasing civilians everywhere. Air strikes, lack of medical supplies and a serious lack of food are some forms of the scary situation of the life of people in the free part of Aleppo. Only in one day six medical centers were targeted by Russian and Assad's planes. To make the whole story worse, we never see any movements from the international society to prevent these massacres which is considered a real genocide towards Aleppo civilians. Statements without deeds mean nothing tho the poor civilians inside the free part of Aleppo.’
For media enquiries contact advocacy@rrsoc.org

Press release translation:

In the name of God, the most Gracious, the most Merciful
Press Release
Ministry of Health of Free Aleppo

The grave circumstances experienced by the free areas of Aleppo and the siege imposed upon the city by Assad and his allies have made it impossible for any civilians to seek medical treatment outside Aleppo or for any medical supplies to be brought into the city. This is in addition to the continued and unprecedented intense and barbaric shelling on the city, more specifically the targeting of the infrastructure and public services, especially hospitals, including all of the following:

1. Al-Bayan Hospital
2. Al-Daqaqy Surgical Hospital
3. Al-Hakim Hospital
4. Al-Sayyida Zahraa Hospital
5. Central Blood Bank
6. Al-Tababa Al-Shar’iyyah

Airstrikes on these facilities have forced them to stop offering services to the civilian population. The team of medical doctors and health care providers including the Ministry of Health are unable to find any solution to the slaughter which is happening in Aleppo or to fulfill their responsibilities towards the injured. This is resulting in the death of many of the wounded with over two hundred deaths in the city per day, making it imperative for supporting countries and humanitarian agencies to step in.

The Ministry of Health of Free Aleppo, to fulfill its responsibilities, calls upon the international community to bring an end to this humanitarian disaster which is afflicting more than 350,000 civilians inside the city. The regime’s actions towards Aleppo are reaching the proportions of collective genocide. Blood continues to be spilled in Aleppo by Assad and his allies through airstrikes as the international community only meets these actions with silence and a blind eye. The Ministry of Health of Free Aleppo condemns in the strongest language these barbaric and unprecedented indiscriminate attacks as well as the silence of the international community, humanitarian organisations, and all the free people of the world towards the situation in Aleppo and in Syria more generally, and calls upon them to take action to stop these massacres.

Long live free Syria
Aleppo 24 July 2016

Dr. Abdulbasit Ibrahim
Ministry of Health of Free Aleppo

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