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Thursday 21 July 2016

Statement by Syrian groups in the UK in response to the deadly airstrike against civilians in northern Syria

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We strongly condemn and are appalled at the deaths of Syrian civilians, among them 35 children, in US led coalition airstrikes in northern Syria, near Manbij on Tuesday 19/07/2016.*

When the US and UK decided to intervene in Syria, they promised civilian protection and security to civilians in their fight against ISIS, but instead we are seeing an increase in civilian casualties since Western involvement began in Syria.

The civilians in Manbij were fleeing the threat of ISIS, only to be hit by US airstrikes in what is being called an ‘accident’. We have to ask, what kind of fight is the US leading against ISIS if they can’t tell the difference between ISIS militants and women and children? The US must be held accountable for its actions; it is bad enough that Assad and Russia are killing civilians with impunity let alone the US joining cohorts with Russia.

The continuous US lip service Obama is offering against the Syrian regime whilst nothing is done to stop Assad’s killing machine is despicable.

Unfortunately Syrians can no longer distinguish between Assad bombs and now more recently the Russian and American airstrikes which have destroyed northern Syria and have left communities in ruins. As the so called leader of the free world, America’s actions are particularly reprehensible. The US is advocating human rights within the region as we speak; at the same time they kill innocent civilians in Syria.

The people of Syria are already experiencing the devastation of Assad’s bombs without having US led air strikes raining down on their heads. Western intervention should aim to establish both civilian protection and hold Assad accountable if they are serious about combating ISIS. Any other efforts are proving every day to be counterproductive.


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* Ref. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jul/20/us-airstrike-allegedly-kills-56-civilians-in-northern-syria