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Thursday 13 April 2017

Protect Civilians: We need a fresh start for Syria

In the past six years of the Syrian crisis, the UK has had plans for talks (and more talks), plans to contain the misery to the region (aid and more aid), plans to shut out refugees (more money for fences and less for rescues).

Plans to stop chemical weapons (but not barrel bombs, cluster bombs, firebombs).

Plans to fight ISIS (but not Assad who caused the crisis).

After six years, talks have produced nothing, the misery gets worse, refugee numbers keep rising, chemical weapons and every other weapon are still in use.

ISIS is still killing Syrians, along with Assad and Russia’s military, and their terrorist allies Hezbollah and Iranian forces.

UK policy on Syria is broken. We need a plan to protect civilians.

Please read our proposals:

Protect Civilians: We need a fresh start for Syria
The UK’s failure to protect civilians is prolonging the war in Syria.
Failure to protect civilians worsens the refugee crisis.
Failure to protect civilians undermines the fight against terrorism.
UK policy on Syria needs a fresh start.

We call on the UK Government to bring forward a new plan to protect civilians in Syria and create an opportunity for peace.
Please write to your MP and to UK government ministers.