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Saturday 9 January 2016

Petition: Start aid drops to the starving people of Syria

A petition calling on the UK government to start aid drops has gathered thousands of signatures overnight. Please sign if you are a UK resident, and please share with your friends.
Whilst the civil war in Syria continues and every effort is made militarily to bring it to an end as soon as possible the UK has an armed forces very capable in humanitarian missions.

People are starving to death in Douma, Idlib, Madaya and many other places. Let us be the ones to feed them.


As Jo Cox told World at One news on Friday, “We have the experience, the capacity, the capability” to do this.

The little aid that the Assad regime is offering to let through is too little too late. To protect civilians we need to stop the regime using control of aid as a weapon.

Aid drops without the permission of the Assad regime are legal under UN Security Council Resolutions 2139, 2165, 2191, 2254, and 2258.

Thanks to Christopher Bridges for starting this petition.