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Friday 8 January 2016

Report on Madaya from Syrian NGO Ghiras Al-nahda


We are Ghiras Al-nahda organisation, working in rural Damascus since the beginning of the crisis, and we have representatives in Madaya as we have representatives in all the rural Damascus area.

You can read more about us in this link.

We tried to warn the UN OCHA and all the donors of coming crises in Madaya about 3 months ago but nobody answered.

The situation in Maday is very bad, yes they are eating from garbage as they are eating cats and dogs. You will find attached our report for Madaya, as you will find attached the last report of food security cluster of UN which based on our report sent to them.

UN has done nothing yet. Yesterday they said that they had approve from Syrian regime to enter a convoy to Madaya but nothing arrived yet.